Victim Services

The District Attorney's Victim/Witness Center consists of the Victim/Witness Coordinator, Ashley McClour, and one Victim Advocate, Judy Ball. The function of the Victim/Witness Center Coordinator and Advocate is to support crime victims and witnesses through the judicial process.

The Witness Center makes every effort to contact victims and witnesses to keep them informed as to the status of their cases and updates addresses and phone numbers of crime victims and witnesses. The staff members subpoena victims and witnesses to notify them when to appear for a court appearance to eliminate unnecessary trips to district court.

The Witness Center makes travel and lodging arrangements for out-of-state victims and witnesses when necessary. Staff members escort victims and witnesses to courtrooms and provide moral support and comfort during court hearings when needed.

The Victim/Witness Center provides assistance to crime victims in making application for victim compensation and in presenting their claims to the Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Board for review and consideration. Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation provides a method of compensation and assistance to persons who are victims of criminal acts and who suffer physical or psychological injury or death as a result. Out-of-pocket expenses allowable under crime victim compensation are: medical and dental care; prescriptions; counseling and rehabilitation; work loss or loss of support; and funeral and burial expenses. Property loss is not covered under the Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Act.

You may access the "District Court Records" portion of the Web site to access information regarding the status of a criminal case in which you are a victim or a witness, or you may call the District Attorney's Victim/Witness Center at (580) 924-4421. Please contact the center if you have a new mailing address or phone number.

For information about restitution owed in a criminal case, please contact Judy Ball at (580) 924-4421.

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