Return of bogus check amnesty program

January 8th

District Attorney Emily Redman announces the return of the bogus check amnesty program. This is a program we have run the last couple years with good results said Mrs. Redman. With the beginning of a new year, our office will continue to emphasize our enforcement efforts on bad check writers.

In the next few days hundreds of letters will go out to hot check writers from all three counties in our district offering them the opportunity come in and get their hot checks taken care of without fear of arrest. The amnesty period will run this year from January 15 through March 15.

During the Amnesty period, pending and existing bogus check warrants will be withdrawn and cases dismissed upon full payment of restitution, fees and court costs, provided that the check writer has no other pending criminal matters in the office for prosecution.

The bogus check program is a restitution and diversion program. Our goal is to secure restitution for victims of hot check offenders and at the same time divert them from overcrowded jails and court dockets. Our success depends a lot on the offenders being willing to work with us to resolve the problem without moving it to the level of prosecution.

Mrs Redman hopes a lot of people will take advantage of the opportunity this amnesty period provides again this year and avoid being picked up by DA’s investigators at their homes, schools, or places of employment.

The investigative staff for Mrs. Redman’s office will continue to focus on apprehension of those bogus check offenders who continue to ignore their obligations in regard to hot checks and court ordered restitution.

Recent arrests include:

Charity Dosh, Calera, OK. Dosh was picked up on an outstanding warrant for violation of probation after being convicted of felony bogus check writing. Dosh was arrested incident to a search warrant executed at her home December 18th by Calera police officers. Dosh and her husband face some new charges in Bryan County resulting from that search executed by Calera Police.

Marlin Clinton Lee, of Coalgate, OK was picked up by DA’s investigators on December 18 at the Coal County Court house on a Bryan County arrest warrant for felony hot checks writing.

Krista Herrington, Caney Oklahoma, was arrested December 31st by Redman’s investigators on two outstanding warrants, one for violation of probation after being convicted of a felony embezzlement charge and then failing to pay restitution to her victims, and a misdemeanor warrant for passing bogus checks.

Billy Ray Derryberry, Calera, OK was arrested January 2nd on an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for bad checks by DA’s investigators.

The DA’s office wants to remind merchants to be vigilant in checking ID’s when accepting checks and make note of the information provided by customers. If the transaction goes bad, having this information in hand when you turn the check over to the Bogus check program can expedite our collection efforts. Forms for turning in checks for collection are available at the DA’s office 117 N. 3rd in Durant and on our website.

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