Bogus Check Division

Location: Bryan County District Attorney's Office
Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Telephone number: (580)924-2987 or Toll-free: (877)865-3665


If you think you may have outstanding bogus checks, contact the District Attorney's Office Bogus Check Division immediately to make arrangements for payment or a warrant will be issued for your arrest!

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Bogus Check Restitution Program:

The District Attorney's Bogus Check Restitution Program was established to assist merchants and citizens in the collection of false and bogus checks. The Office of the District Attorney has the authority to provide this service to you free of charge. The cost of the program is paid by the check writer. The check writer is also required to pay an additional $25 fee which is paid to you, the merchant.

Check Qualifications:

The law allows the District Attorney's Office to collect checks that are given in full payment of:

  • Merchandise
  • Cash
  • Services - Checks in payment of services must be given at the time the services are rendered.
  • Payments on Account - Checks must be for the purchase of any item of which the purchaser is taking immediate possession.

Qualifying checks are usually returned by the bank marked:

  • Insufficient Funds
  • Account Closed
  • No Account
  • Unable to Locate Account

Click here for a printable copy of the bogus check agreement, the form that must be filled out for each check turned over to the District Attorney's Office. For a free window or counter sticker, please contact our office.

The law does not allow us to collect checks that are:

  • For Credit
    • Deposit on Goods or Services of which possession is not taken immediately
    • Partial payment
  • Returned by the Bank
    • Signature Irregular/Forgery (These checks should be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency.)
    • Payment Stopped
    • Refer to Maker
  • Two Party Checks
  • Post Dated Checks

If a check is not collectible through the District Attorney's Bogus Check Restitution Program you may proceed in a civil action, such as small claims court.

To Protect Yourself:

  1. Always be wary of out-of-town checks, especially those that are out-of-state.
  2. Always ask for identification. Always verify photo and signature, address, phone number and place of employment. Simply asking the check writer if the information is correct is not enough.
  3. Always personally look at and write the driver's license number and/or social security number and date of birth on the check. This information is vital!
  4. Make notes of description, local relatives, car tag, etc., or anything else that will help you testify in court about the identity of the check writer. Remember, your testimony may be needed several months later.
  5. Deposit checks within 30 days of receipt. Don't hold checks or accept post-dated checks. Either of these actions may be considered extensions of credit, making the check unprosecutable.
  6. Please run checks through the bank twice, then attempt to notify the check writer by regular mail. A telephone call or other personal contact can be used in addition to the mail.

For Additional Information Contact:

Beverly Jackson, Carrie Costiloe & Sharon Janke